Choosing a good car shelter


abri double classique photo 11-  A round shelter or a steep structure

2-  A galvanized steel structure

3-  Minimum 1-¼ diameter

4-  Minimum 16 thickness of gags

5-  Thick Canvas (minimum 7 oz / V2)

6-  Classic Canvas with the rope and not quick couplers that do not have a long life.



Proper car shelter installation:


1- Inform you from the city to the regulation on the legal date of installation and disassembly as well respect the distance á from the sidewalk and street.

2-We strongly recommends permanent anchors (avoid concrete blocks or other weight)

3- Goodly tender the canvas to avoid pockets

Proper maintenance:

1-Declare the carport to your home insurance.

2-Plow your every storm shelter with a roof scoop sold at Shelter Crystal (ask a relative or neighbour to do in case you are away)

3-Verify periodically tension canvases, anchors and nuts during the season.

4-In case of strong winds, close both doors of the shelter to avoid the wind creating a parachute effect. If you only have a door, you must open the passage to allow the wind.

5-Do not allow the engine inside the shelter to avoid the risk of poisoning the oxide.